Huelgoat supports RAFT

RAFT is a charity in Taunton England which is supported by our congregation in Huelgoat.

see their facebook

RAFT, which has been running since 2015, takes unwanted donations such as clothes, food, medicine and shoes from supporters and then

redistributes them to refugees displaced by the current ongoing conflicts such as in Syria.

This pic to show examples of the sewing kits made by Carole at Huelgoat

Many people have been asking about the design

It also shows that I enclose a note in the boxes that shows the origin!

Shipment to Syria went first week in January via Cardiff. Our cheque will come in handy for fuel costs

RAFT was frantically busy with volunteers all packing up boxes.

I met the founder Frederica who expressed her thanks and wonder at how far our donations come from Brittany .