La Source – a service to English and French!

La Source

La Source is the outreach arm of Christ Church Brittany. La Source is involved in several activities as it tries to achieve its aims which can be summarised from its Statutes, which say:

  1. To assist English speakers to integrate into France.
  2. Promoting contact between English speakers and the French.
  3. Organizing cultural and leisure activities and creating ties with the surrounding community.

During the last year these aims have been tackled in several different ways and the library is of course the most obvious of these. The library has now increased in size to over 11,000 books.

The social evenings have continued to grow in popularity and a major part of what La Source and the evenings have now raised more than €12,000 towards church funds as well as providing a fun, social setting for both members and non-members of the church. The evenings have a variety of themes from pantomime to murder mysteries and a selection of different musical events. The evenings are open to all, the cost is only €7.50, which includes a two-course supper. Details appear in the Newsletter and on the website.

La Source also now has a choir which now has over 40 English and French members. The choir normally meets fortnightly and you don’t need to be an experienced chorister or even able to sing well to join, having said that since it’s inception the choir has become much more accomplished as the confidence of the singers has grown, particularly with the help of a number of experienced singers in our midst. The choir has now completed several concerts and a number of performances in retirement homes.

Finally, there is also now a Salsasize Ladies Keep Fit group that meet regularly on Friday mornings. Membership now stands at more than 20 and again has both English and French members.

If anyone is interested in joining in the library or any other of the activities then please contact Chris and Elaine on 0297721929 or e-mail: We are also always looking for volunteers to help in the library so again, if interested, please contact Chris or Elaine.