20th Anniversary – our history

“The Church is the one institution that exists for those outside it.” William Temple

Christ Church Brittany started in a living room 20 years ago and has grown to four lively worship and fellowship centres across Brittany. It is a story of how expats found each other and got together to become an embassy for God’s love in France. There are at least 13,000 British residents in Brittany plus second-home owners and holidaymakers. CCB came into being to provide a spiritual resource in English through our congregations in Huelgoat, Rostrenen, Ploërmel and Redon.

Ploërmel is the site where we have permanent use of a good building in a convenient location. We have developed an English language library and a community choir of 40 members including French and English. We often host community functions and social evenings in this building. The other congregations have access to village churches and halls as needed. We are part of the Church of England but work freely with catholic and evangelical churches.

Because of the volunteer spirit of a generation of Christian expats, CCB has been able to enrich the lives of many others through our worship and fellowship. We have been called upon for weddings and funerals or emergency pastoral care. Like any good neighbour, we are willing to give advice and help to other expats as best we can. Some of us discover that after the excitement of moving and settling into a new home, loneliness can become the dominant experience if we are not careful. Perhaps our biggest community engagement has been through the December carol services offered at various locations you can find details on our website.

Our special 20th anniversary events start on Sunday December 1st at each of our worship locations. To all our neighbours we say, God loves you and has a plan for your life. A good first step to knowing that plan is to engage with the English speaking Church he planted here in Brittany. Many have found new faith and a fresh start in their spiritual journey through discovering God’s presence among his people.

“Christ Church, Brittany, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its life at a time at a time of great change in France and Europe. Those of us who love France know that Christianity continues to be a significant presence force in its national life. We know that the churches are vibrant contributors to their communities – and that new worshipping communities keep emerging. So, thank you, Christ Church Brittany, for the vision, energy and courage that has enabled you to flourish as a Chaplaincy and as individual congregations, whether it be in Huelgoat, Rostrenen, Ploermel or Redon. Thank you, too, for the trust and faithfulness with which you are looking to the future under God in what is an enchanting part of our Archdeaconry of France. As you give thanks to God for the harvest of his Spirit, may his love, joy and peace inspire you for the next two decades – and beyond.

Meurig Williams, Archdeacon of France & Monaco”

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