A life worth living series

Sermon and small group series – spring 2019.

We hope to connect all of our congregations, small groups and individuals on a common course this spring.

Based on ‘A life worth living – live a life of purpose, passion and Joy’, which is an Alpha resource book and YouTube talks by Nicky Gumbel. Copies of the study book will be made available and small group notes will be posted on CCB website. Parishioners are invited to tune in to the sermons at their local congregation or online and participate in a small group if possible.

Date Topic – A New… Philippians
March 10 Heart 1:1-11
March 17 Purpose 1:12-30
March 24 Attitude 2:1-11
March 31 Responsibilities 2:12-18
April 7 Friendships 2:19-30
April 14 Palm Sunday
April 21 Easter
April 28 Confidence 3:1-11
May 5 Ambition 3:10-21
May 12 Resources 4:1-9
May 17 Generosity 4:10-23