Making a gift to CCB

There are several ways in which giving can be done:

1. Regular payments by standing order from your bank. This has the benefit of enabling the treasurer to plan forward more easily and hopefully be easier for you. This can either be to our account in France or UK.

2. Envelopes – regular payments in a numbered envelope (the number refers to a particular person). Ideally it should be the same amount each week, again helping the treasurer to plan ahead accurately.

3. By cheque.

4. By cash or cheque in the collection basket.

5. By donation of an amount at anytime during the year.

For those people who are subject to UK tax, they can complete a Gift Aid form which allows the Church to reclaim tax on donations to our English account, normally by standing order. To be eligible for Gift tax you have to be paying tax in the UK. For more information and the relevant forms see the section under Finance and Giving on the Diocese in Europe website (

For those people who pay French Income Tax the situation is different in that the French Tax authorities will deduct 66% of your donations to the Church from your following year’s income tax bill. Therefore for every 100 Euros you donate you will have 66 Euros deducted from your income tax bill. This means that it only costs 34 Euros to give the Church 100 Euros. Our French Bank Account details are as follows:
RIB 15589 56915 0489943 8840 11

As long as the treasurer is able to put a name to a Euro donation she will issue a ‘Reçu Fiscal’ to that person at the end of each year to enable you to claim back the income tax.