Nevez July 21 to August 16

Dear Robin
We are planning once again DV. to be in Névez from Sunday July 21 to Friday August 16. There will be Services in the Church at 12 noon with kind permission of the ‘Recteur Guillaume’, on Sundays July 28, August 4 and 11. We are based at the Raguenès Plage Campsite as usual.
We are booked to travel direct from Cork to Roscoff and return Roscoff to Cork.
Once again we are looking forward to this opportunity which the Lord has placed in our hands and we know that you will be keeping us in prayer. This is our 4th year under the Diocese in Europe. 
God bless – yours in His Service.

The Rev Michael R Heaney
Scholarstown Road
Dublin 16
D16 F4E7