Pastor’s letter October

Pastors Letter October 2019

Pastor Robin Adams







October 2019 Pastor’s letter

‘God reigns over the nations’ Psalm 47

All of us in Brittany are deeply concerned about Brexit. But we don’t seem to be having meaningful discussions among ourselves anymore about the principle or impact of Brexit. I believe this reticence is because of our exhaustion with the unfolding drama, the series of cliffhangers, and the ever changing leadership in the UK Parliament. Who would have believed that after 3 years we are still clueless about what might happen in a few weeks time at the end of October?


The Bishop of the Diocese in Europe wrote this note to the new Prime Minster a few weeks ago.

The Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP. Bishop Robert said:

“Seen from my Diocese, continental Europeans care very much about us in the UK, and for the future relationship we choose to define with the European Union.

The UK currently finds itself simultaneously in deadlock at home, and at an impasse with the rest of the EU. I take a close interest in the way in which over 3 million EU citizens are being treated and represented, particularly in the Brexit context: 2 million plus EU27 citizens resident in the UK, as well as the estimated 1.2 million UK nationals living in the EU27. It is no wonder many people in my Diocese believe they are seen as ‘a forgotten million’ by the UK Government.

There are a huge range of issues that are concerning people, not least on citizens’ rights issues around residency, healthcare, working, doing business, drawing pensions, travelling, and studying. A no deal scenario would be disastrous for the UK, and I urge the new UK Prime Minister and Government to do everything they can to avoid it.”

Although we in Brittany cannot do anything to solve the political paralysis, we can still do much good. I believe prayer works and many Christians praying for their country and leadership will make a powerful difference. We can also be sympathetic to the worries our fellow Brits (and others) might have about the very concerns Bishop Robert highlights. I believe the old saying that, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved.’ Perhaps you can be the sounding board for a troubled neighbour who needs to express their anxieties about Brexit. This might be more important as the crunch moment comes, if and when it ever does! This prayer might be helpful.

A Prayer for the Nation from a C of E resource

God of hope,

in these times of change,

unite our nation

and guide our leaders with your wisdom

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