Redon 10:30am


Our first public worship in Redon was held at St. Charles Church, 10 Avenue Gaston Sebilleau Redon 35600 on Sunday October 14th at 10:30am.  Worship will be in English and all English speaking residents or visitors to the area are welcome to join us (so are French relatives and friends).

As we are still gathering a core group and signing people up for the essential tasks, your involvement even from an early stage will be most welcome. We intend to offer worship twice per month to begin with and probably will form some kind of weekly fellowship group in the Redon area. We will be looking for social activities and missional projects in the area to compliment our worship. We very much appreciate the kindness of Fr. Paul and the Eglise St Charles for letting us use the building.

Next Sunday worship is November 18th, then December 16th

Our very popular Carol Service will also be held here on Tuesday December 4th @ 6:00pm

If you would like to help with getting our fellowship started please contact.

The Rev Robin Adams Tel: 07 80 56 26 32 mobile E-mail: